Expressing the glory through His love. John 3:16

Community Connection

Every 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Friday there is a group fellowship going on at The Center – our vibrant hub of community activity right in the heart of Bayview / Hunter’s Point. The Center is our place of prayer and fellowship Bible studies designed just for you. Meet us monthly at The Center – 6220 Third Street in San Francisco. Details are posted in our calendar, and you can find more about each of our life groups here.


Men's Fellowship

Accountability and Discipleship

Women's Fellowship

Prayer and Sisterhood

Youth & Young Adults

Growing in Faith

Men's Fellowship @ 7:30pm – 6220 Third Street, San Francisco

Our Brother’s Keepers is all about accountability, partnership, and discipleship for men to walk in their purpose. The men have a mandate to be free and see their God-given destinies fulfilled. Every month studies are tailored to develop the man, the husband, and the leader that God designed.

Women's Fellowship @ 7:30pm – 6220 Third Street, San Francisco

Women of Wisdom is Shekinah’s growing ministry that serves the needs of women in our church. WOW Ministry focuses on personal intimacy with Christ, growing in godliness, and being a Proverbs 31 woman who lives a life of prayer and devotion to the Lord.

Youth & Youth Adults @ 7:30pm – 6220 Third Street, San Francisco

Our Youth and Young Adults desire to be radical believers and bold witnesses for Jesus Christ. Every 3rd Friday of the month is a “Word Talk” that focuses on relevant topics for the group.

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