Expressing the glory through His love. John 3:16


Pastor Tyrone & Lady Dee Hillman, Jr.

Anyone who desires to find a place in the life and ministry of Shekinah Christian Fellowship is welcome here. Membership at Shekinah is an opportunity to use your unique gifts to serve God and people with purpose and passion.

Our passionate culture for God and legacy of love is an essential trait to our success.

Our members are passionate about worshiping God and the opportunities to serve others.

Our members are passionate about hearing the word of God and praying in a manner that allows us to experience intimate fellowship with his presence.

Our members are passionate about preserving the unity of the house in a sacred fashion and ensuring that the legacy of love, excellence, grace, and glory are experienced and passed down to the succeeding generation.

And lastly, our members are passionate about experiencing the life changing grace that comes from being inspired by God’s holy word and being edified to have a faith that is meaningful to every area of their life.

The doors of the church open several times a year giving you the opportunity to get to know us while we get to know you. If you believe God is directing you to be apart of our community, please contact us!

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